Saturday, April 18, 2015

Change of Plans and Reward System

My life, all in one photo captured candidly.

How was your week? My week was pretty great in some ways and not the best in others.

I have come to realize that I have lost all motivation in my current April Challenge. I didn't end up posting my weigh-in, exercise or meal plans for the week. I just wasn't feeling it. I had similar goals for my March Challenge as my April Challenge and I think I am just burnt out from the same ol' thing. I need something new! This reminds me of an excerpt from a previous post of mine, from 2013.

"Don't be afraid to change up your plans. Your plans aren't set in stone! I've come to find that changing your plans to make them more realistic can actually help your weight loss efforts in the long run. Sometimes when we set certain expectations that we just cannot meet. Maybe something has come up, or your goal just doesn't motivate you like it use to. Once your goals start to become more intimidating than motivating, it may be time to re-evaluate. Make goals that motivate you! If they aren't motivating to you, don't be afraid to change it up."

In reading that over again, I have decided to nix the April Challenge. Instead, I have decided to go with a more motivating challenge for myself.

Goal: reach 225 lbs
Reward: new hair cut

Now that, to me, is motivating! I have always rewarded myself for every 5 pounds lost. I just haven't had a reward in mind until recently. {You can see a compilation of all of my rewards from over the years by following this link, here.} Now that I have a new goal and reward in mind, I think I will be more motivated to stick with healthy choices throughout my days. Sometimes, you just need that extra motivating factor to keep you on track!

Readers, do you use a reward system for yourself? What is a motivating reward for you?

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