Saturday, May 30, 2015

Double Date Night

Last night, my husband and I had an impromptu date night with two of our best friends! 

First, I must tell you, today is the final day to enter my Balance Bar GIVEAWAY! Not as many people have entered this giveaway as my last {blame it on the nice weather; less screen time}, so your chance to win is even greater this round! Get in there!!

While my husband and I had a date night planned at the beginning of the month, it didn't work out so we decided to just wait. Earlier this week, we decided this Saturday would be the night we went out for our date, but then I got cold feet. I called off our sitter because I just wasn't feeling ready for somebody to do our night time routine with Piper. Wah wah.

My husband and I made a rash decision last night that we would just bring Piper with us for our "date night" and do it then. We would go out early enough so that we could be back home for Piper's evening routine. It was going to include a trip to Babies R' Us and dinner with the three of us. That didn't end up happening, though. Something just as great happened, instead! We found out our friends {that we hadn't seen in a while} were also free for dinner, so we asked my mom if she could watch Piper and then we were on our way to a double date night! Alright!

My husband and I met our friends at Texas Roadhouse around 6:30. I had a couple beers and the prime rib. It was really, really nice! We had so much fun catching up with our friends.

After dinner, my husband and I went to Babies R' Us and bought formula, some screens for the windows in the car (still not sure if we'll be using them or taking them back) and some baby sunscreen so we can have some fun in the sun with our little girl this weekend! Bonus: we were home by 9:30. Just in time to begin the dream feed with Piper at 10.

I'm so glad that my husband and I were able to go out last night because we are going to make it a goal to not go out to eat next month. I wouldn't call this our last supper or anything, we will still have yummy meals next month, but we definitely are going to be eating more fresh, healthy meals in June, too!

Readers, where is your favorite place to go out to eat?

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