Friday, May 29, 2015

No More Running

Phew. I'm not going to lie to you; my body is aching! It's a good ache, though. I've been doing something a little different lately. I've been working out in my living room and sweating up a storm!

My workouts before I had Piper were so different. I use to run, a lot. I would switch it up from time to time and do a little Zumba, but running was my main form of exercise.

Running was hard for me and I loved the challenge! It was so rewarding when I accomplished a goal I didn't think I could accomplish. I worked my mile down from 17 minutes to under 10 minutes. The more I ran, the better I got. I loved seeing the progress!

Now that Piper is here, I have been doing something a little different when it comes to my workouts. Even though I love to run, I have decided that I won't be running for a little while. Why? Well, for a couple reasons, actually.

1. My knees. My poor, knees. Being pregnant this last year and running while overweight before that has taken it's toll on my knees. They creak and crack up any stair and they just plain hurt. I've decided that I'm going to give my knees a break from running until I've lost some more weight. (My doctor advised it, as well.)

2. Time. I've been working up a lot of sweat in half the time of running just by doing workouts with weights and my stability ball in my living room during Piper's naps. Time is precious; I think everyone can agree on that. If I can get the same (if not better) results in half the time, that's the choice I'm going with these days!

I have a treadmill, and I also go on walks with my daughter at the park. I have a jogging stroller, so I could definitely jog if I wanted to; I just won't be running like I use to for a little while. Once I lose more weight, I'll revisit it. My heart loves to run, but my knees are telling me to cool it.

Readers, what is your favorite form of exercise?

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  1. I've tried running too. I loved the feeling, but my knees started hurting so I have it up as well :)