Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Piper Meets Rice Cereal

Piper is in the very beginning stages of teething and has some days where she is a very sad and fussy girl {mostly between the hours of 4 p.m. and 8 p.m.} This breaks our hearts. I can't believe that it's already time for teething and also, time for something else a little more fun; rice cereal!

Our pediatrician actually gave us permission to begin adding rice cereal to Piper's bottle at her 2 month appointment, however, I didn't want to introduce rice cereal to her from a bottle. More importantly, I didn't want to introduce rice cereal to her until she showed some signs of being ready for it. Well, it seems that at 14 1/2 weeks old, Piper is ready!

On Sunday, we introduced Piper to the wonderful world of rice cereal. What a beautiful mess that was! She was a little confused about the spoon, but we followed some spoonfuls of rice cereal with her binky and that seemed to help her understand the concept of "eating" a little better. She would suck on her binky and swallow the rice cereal. We hope to take the binky tactic away soon. She is already needing it less and less, almost mastering the spoon feeding during the final bites of her meal.

When Piper turned 3 months old, I tested her ability to "eat" water from a baby spoon. She did a pretty good job. She seemed interested in the concept, leaning forward toward the spoon. Around that same time, my husband and I started noticing that when we would eat within her sight, she would stare us down. It almost seemed as if she was wondering why she couldn't have some of what we were having. Prior to that, she didn't really notice food. This was another sign that she was getting ready.

I'm sure I will get some people who will be saying "it's about time" that I started Piper on rice cereal and some others who will say "it's too soon", but guess what? It doesn't matter. I decided early on that I would definitely be open to suggestions when it came to raising Piper {I do believe in the term "it takes a village"} but I will always side with what my husband and I feel is right, overall.

Piper was a happy girl before we started her on rice cereal {aside from when she was sad over teething} and she is a happy girl now that she is getting rice cereal. As a bonus, I am a happy mom for sticking by a timeline I decided was most true to Piper's best interest.

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