Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Best Detour Ever

Yesterday wasn't Monday. Okay, I guess by definition it was a Monday but, it sure didn't seem like a Monday to us.

It was a gorgeous summer day -- warm with big white puffy clouds and bright blue skies. Perfect weather! My husband had some overtime from the previous week of work, so he left work early yesterday and we went exploring.

My husband and I took our 5 month old daughter, Piper, for a walk at a somewhat local trail. We drove a little ways to get there but we figured it would be worth the trip for a walk on a nice shaded trail on such a hot day. Well, guess what else likes the shade on a hot day? Mosquitoes. Like, hundreds of mosquitoes. So, needless to say, our walk on the trail got cut short to only a half mile (we didn't want Piper getting bit up) and we went to a local ice cream shop, instead. Best detour to our plans, ever!

Piper got her first taste of some handmade vanilla custard at one of the best places you could possibly get it in the U.S. We might be bias because we are sorta locals but really, she got some prime custard tasting in yesterday!


As promised yesterday, I was going to keep track of everything that I ate and share it with you today. I took pictures of most everything, except for 2 slices of provolone that I also snacked on with my sister when she stopped for a visit. (We kind of love provolone cheese -- it rarely makes it to sandwiches or anything else that it was originally intended for because we just eat it all by itself.)

3 Mini Egg Cups for Breakfast

Cheese and Crackers for Snack

Chicken Salad with Craisens, Provolone Cheese and Raspberry Vinaigrette for Lunch

Grilled Salmon, Onion, Corn and Brown Rice for Dinner

3 Piece of (my husband's) Homemade PB Fudge for Snack

Don't forget about the small vanilla custard cone that I shared with my daughter, too. Come to think of it, she only had a lick or two herself so I guess that doesn't quite qualify as sharing a cone, now does it?

We had so much fun yesterday with plenty more to come! Summer -- it's on!

Readers, what are some things you want to do this summer? Do you live by a nice walking or bike riding trail? What's your favorite flavor of custard?

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  1. hehe i love her face with the ice cream! very cute!