Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Happily Ever After and Grillin' Kabobs

I have a smokin' good kabob recipe below, but first, an "aww" moment, if you please.

I know it's Wednesday, middle of the week and all, but I have to take you back to this past weekend. My husband and I had a great weekend of grilling, relaxing with our little girl and desk building. (More on the desk building tomorrow.)

First up, grilling. Everything tastes better on a stick, right? I made teriyaki (out of a bottle) pork and pineapple kabobs on the grill. I dusted the kabobs with some cayenne pepper. Holy smokes; literally. My mouth was on fire, in the best way possible. So, so good!

I served the pork and pineapple over brown rice (because my husband and I are entirely obsessed with brown rice right now). To the brown rice, I added chopped cilantro (fresh from my herb garden), lemon zest, salt and pepper. It was all super good!

After grilling, my husband pushed our daughter in her swing. It was so sweet to watch.

Those two absolutely melt my heart. Our backyard is this magical place where the world stops and it's just the three of us (okay, five of us including the dogs). It's my happily ever after.

Readers, do you like brown rice or white rice? Have you ever tried grilling pineapple with cayenne pepper? What is your happily ever after?


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    1. Thanks! We didn't even know how nice the back yard was until months after we bought it. What a nice surprise that was :)