Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Piper's First Food: Carrots

This past weekend, we introduced Piper to her first food; carrots.

Piper had carrots for the first time during breakfast. As you can tell from her face, she wasn't quite sure about them. I understand, as carrots aren't my first choice for breakfast either. 

We decided to have Piper try carrots for the first time in the morning that way we could monitor her throughout the day. She had no bad reactions (aside from a few sour faces here and there).

We will be trying carrots out for the remainder of this week before moving on to the next food. We're thinking sweet potatoes will be next!

My husband and I are planning on doing a combination of pureed baby food and baby led weaning with our daughter. I can already tell, Piper enjoys to feed herself. These are going to be a fun few months for us all!

I have also decided that I am going to do a combination of store bought and homemade baby food. I read up on carrots before introducing them to Piper, and decided to give her the store bought carrots instead of making my own for her to eat.

The article I read about introducing carrots can be found, here. And the article I read about nitrates in carrots can be found, here. Both are great articles that I recommend reading before introducing carrots to your baby!

We are having a blast feeding Piper! My husband and I love food more than anyone we know. We love to cook, bake and eat. It's no surprise that Piper is very interested in food, as well!

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