Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Desk

When I left my job at the beginning of this year {at 9 months pregnant} to be a stay at home mom, I didn't know how much of a change that would actually be for me. At work, I had an amazing opportunity to be in the position to do some life-impacting work for people in my community for about 7 years. I knew that I would miss my work, sure. What I didn't know, however, was how much of my self was locked up in my career; or perhaps, in a desk.

I am an organized driven person. As an organized driven person, I need a space that's my own to keep organized; a place where I can be creative, and a place where I can go to make sense of everything. When I left my job, I left behind my desk. The place where I would go to be creative, and organized. When I left my desk, I left a little part of me.

It took me about 4 months to realize that I needed a desk at home. I needed a place of my own to do thing such as blog, edit photos, budget, pay bills, make plans, keep my calendar, etc. I needed it for more than functionality purposes; I needed it for my personality, and my sanity.

There's just something about a desk that promotes creativity in my mind. When it comes to this blog and my hobby photography {that I do on the side}, creativity is much needed here. My husband built me this desk over the weekend. He began Saturday evening and I moved in to my desk on Monday. The desk was built in to a wall in the dining room where our beloved piano use to be. While we will miss that focal point of our dining room, I know that the desk is going to get much more use.

My husband is talking about adding a shelf above the desk in the future. I was just so happy with having a desk that I kind of just shook my head "yes" as I stared at my new space with wonder and awe. My husband is so good at bringing my ideas to life; I think I will keep him.

In my new space, I have some inspirational quotes; my daughter's framed birth announcement; our framed wedding announcement; a lamp that my husband made {as he anxiously awaited our daughter's arrival}; my notebooks; my calendar; my Bible; our computer; a charging station for my iPhone; a lot of colorful pens and markers; to-do pads; folders, and of course; sticky notes.

I'm very pleased with how much more open my dining room is now with the desk in place of the piano. I am also loving that I am still with the family when I am "working" at the desk. I feel like that missing part of me has finally been found in this new space.

I am going to try to get in to the routine of responding to blog related emails and working on blog posts at night, after Piper has gone to sleep. That's also when I hope to work on any photography projects I have going on; bill pay/budget, and; plan out our family calendar.

Readers, do you have a place where you go to be creative?


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    1. Thanks, Shannon! I love it, too :) It's amazing how much of an impact an environment has on ones creativity and... sanity :)

  2. What a great space! I need to get mine more organized... I use a little corner desk and my husband has a nice big long desk. I think I'll switch us because I do all the bill paying, blogging, random household stuff, etc... he just uses his to play computer games :P

  3. That is an awesome space you have!!! Do you like primitives? I see a few primitive looking decorations. I'm obsessed with them and have them all over my house. :)

    1. Yes! Our house is decorated in all primitives. I love how cozy it feels.