Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Get Back Up

It's July and July, my friends, is going to be an awesome month!

{Psst. Look who has begun sitting up on her own!}

After not losing any weight in June (wah wah), I have made a few decisions for the month ahead. I have decided that I'm not going to feel like working out, but I'm going to do it anyway. I decided that I'm not going to want to stop with just one treat after dinner, but I'm going to practice self control. I decided that losing weight isn't going to be as easy as it was before having a child, but I'm not going to let that fact keep me from trying. 

It's a new month, it's a new day, and I will not give up!

I can tell you right now that my 5 month old daughter is a lot like me already. She is very determined! She loves to sit up now, and she reaches for things that she wants. It's just so cute and amazing to see her little mind at work!

Despite being able to sit up on her own, she does still lose her balance from time to time. (Sounds a lot like my journey of losing weight.) She fell back and landed (softly) on the crib mattress three times yesterday. She basically gave me three separate heart attacks, meanwhile, the little dare devil didn't mind too much and wanted to sit right back up all over again. What a good lesson that was for me! If you fall down, don't stay there; get back up.

So, I'm getting back up today. I am going to plan out my meals, and I'm going to stick to them!

{Breakfast - 330 calories}

Banana - 90
Oatmeal - 160
Coffee with creamer - 80

{Lunch - 216 calories}

Hard boiled egg - 78
Lettuce - 15
Grape tomatoes - 13
Sweet vidalia onion dressing - 30
Shredded mozzarella - 80

{Snack - 210 calories}

Carrots - 70
Ranch - 140

{Dinner - 580 calories}

6 oz. Sirloin - 280
Coleslaw - 90
Mashed potatoes - 210

{Snack - 134 calories}

Dark chocolate square - 134

Total: 1470 calories

Sticking to my meal plan today is particularly important as I am going out to dinner for a (much needed) girls night out. It's easy to go overboard when eating out so, I decided to look up the menu ahead of time, and the nutritional information, to get an idea of what I should order. This is just one healthy habit that has helped me to lose 40 pounds and I'm going to start practicing it more often!

Readers, do you look up nutritional information for the meals you eat before you go out to dinner? What have you decided to work on this month?

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  1. I usually try to look up nutrition info before we go out; however, if we're going some place super special that we'll probably never go to again (this happens maybe 2-3x/year) then I don't bother because I just want to order what I truly want. I also can't believe it's July--I haven't even thought about new goals! Better get to it :)