Friday, August 21, 2015

Bring on the School Year

This was my last week of "summer". School is back in session on Tuesday and while that usually wouldn't effect me at all, it will! My daughter, Piper, is only 7 months old (TODAY! Ah! Update coming soon!), however; my little brother, Evan, will be getting dropped off at my house every day after kindergarten this year. He is so excited to ride the bus, and it just so happens that our grandpa is his bus driver! Gosh, I just love our small town.

Usually the end of summer is a drag, but I am really looking forward to the start of school! I can't wait to get into a new routine (and make a little extra money each week, too). I think it will be so good for Piper to have a visit from her Uncle Evan each day. She is at the perfect age to have a playmate during the day (other than myself), showing her new things (good and bad, I'm sure) and helping teach her how to play with others. This is going to be great for Evan, too. I know some days are bound to be tough (with a 5 year old and an infant), but all I can really think about is all the fun we're going to have! Bring on the school year!

P.S. Summer isn't really over for us. As long as it's warm, the sun is shining and we are still able to put our feet in the sand -- summer's here to stay!