Monday, August 17, 2015

Happy on a Monday

Happy Monday! What's so happy about this Monday? Well... a few things, actually.

1. I had a really great weekend with my people a/k/a my little family.

Fresh picked from the garden

2. I am working on getting 6 burlap banners out the door today. Sales from our Etsy shop are increasing week by week and we couldn't be happier!

3. I lost 4 pounds last week; I went from 245 lbs. last Sunday to 241 lbs. yesterday. Oh yeah! Getting back on track is happening!

4. I did a photo session for an adorable family with a 2 year old and a 5 month old this weekend. I am editing those pictures this week, and I already love how they have turned out! (I have a couple side businesses going on; it keeps this stay-at-home mom busy in the best way!)

5. We got 6 new pieces finished for our first vendor/craft show (Antiques in the Yard at Scotland Yards in Edinboro, PA) with other pieces planned to be made in the next couples weeks!

6. The weather was amazing this weekend, and it's already amazing first thing this morning!

7. Piper got to swim in her baby pool with her uncle Evan last evening; my husband and I had a lot of fun and shared a lot of laughs while watching them together!

8. The Balance Bar Giveaway of the ever-so-tasty Cookie Dough Balance Bars is still going on now throughout the end of the month! You can enter to win by following this link!

And those are just a few reasons as to why I'm happy this Monday! Another big reason that I'm happy today would be that it's the beginning of a fresh new week! 

I'm going to make a plan for the week ahead to help keep me on track and break out of the 240's for good!

Goals for the week:

1. Make a dinner meal plan - done
2. Plan workouts for the week - done
3. Drink 120 ounces of water
4. Track calories daily

Dinner meal plan for the week:

Monday: Chicken Stir Fry
Tuesday: Chicken Salad
Wednesday: Shrimp Stir Fry
Thursday: Chicken Salad
Friday: Homemade Pizza

Workout plan for the week:

Monday: Stability Ball Workout (during Piper's nap)
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: Walk/Run on the track with Nick
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Walk/Run on the track with Nick

So -- the Stability Ball workout I'm doing today use to be on YouTube and I use to be able to link you to it, but for some reason the video has gone private. Maybe it's temporary, or maybe it's gone forever. Don't worry though, I have done it enough times that I kind of remember the routine. It went something like this:

1. Wall lunges with ball while balancing on 1 leg for 12 reps one each leg
2. 12 Push ups with the stability ball
3. 12 Crunches with the stability ball
4. Dumbbell Row while balancing with one hand on the ball, and on one leg. 12 reps with each side.
5. Military Press while sitting on the ball, and balancing on one foot; 6 reps per side.
6. Side curtsy lunges, with one foot on ball. 12 reps per leg.
7. Rear Foot Elevated Lunges with rear foot balancing on Stability Ball, 12 per side.
8. Russian twist while on stability ball (shoulders and neck on ball) 12 reps.
9. 12 Pikes with Stability Ball (which I always modified as another round of crunches)

Do the workout quick, with no breaks, and repeat twice or three times for a super sweaty living room workout!

Readers, what's your plan to stay on track this week?


  1. I bought a stability ball like 10 years ago, I've only used it once. This sounds like it would be a really good workout!

  2. I got a little crazy with the mindless eating last week, so this week I'm just refocusing and getting back into my planning and tracking groove. It's amazing how those little things have such a huge impact!