Monday, August 31, 2015

My House is a Wreck

Can I just start by saying, nothing beats the feeling of having your 7 month old fall asleep in your arms; especially when she has refused to do so since she was about 4 months old. While I am thankful that our Piper loves to be put down and left alone to fall asleep, that feeling of having her asleep in my arms was absolute bliss.

This weekend was an absolute blast! Even though I ended up getting a little sick weekend (sore throat -- yuck), by the end of it, my husband and I were agreeing; we really took full advantage of our first summer with Piper! (P.S. Piper seems to be feeling a little better from her stuffy nose. I'll take being sick over her being sick any day!)

We've done so much with her this summer, maybe even more than we would have if it were just the two of us. We've gone to the beach a few times, we took her to her first baseball game, we went to at least 3 car shows, we have gone on countless walks at the park and all around, we have gone raspberry picking, and blueberry picking, we went to an amusement park and more! Summer with an infant has been so much fun!

Since we've been having so much fun, our yard is an absolute wreck from neglect, our laundry has only been caught up a couple times since May, there are little (okay -- big) dust bunnies of dog hair on the floors, and there are almost always dirty dishes in the sink. Our priorities have been to get out and play this summer. We've got all winter to clean the house, right?

Here are some pictures of us getting out and playing this weekend:

Having a clean house is nice, but having memories from our first summer together as a family of 3... that's way more important to me.

Readers, what have been some of your favorite memories from this summer?


  1. You definitely had a full summer! The house can wait :)

  2. Adorable family! The house can definitely wait and isn't what living is all about! Enjoy that sweet baby!

  3. What's housework when you have kids? Keep spending as much time with that adorable little girl!! They grow so fast!! :)