Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Piper's First Beach Trip

Summer vacation may be over, but as I've said before, summer isn't really over until it's too chilly for beach visits. We just love watching the sunset over the water and digging our feet in the sand!

Piper visited the beach for the first time this summer. It was an experience we'll never forget! This post is very picture-heavy, so I'll let the photos do most of the talking.

The first time her feet touched the sand was memorable. She looked back at the water, and then down at the sand, and then back at the water. She looked at me and whimpered with worry. Sort of like she was saying, "What is this?!" It didn't take her too long, though, to figure out this was a very special place to be.

Places that we use to go have transformed into magical places when we take Piper with us. She shows us the beauty in everything; things as big as the lake and as small as the shells in the sand. They are equally beautiful and awe-inspiring to Piper. When we leave these places, they are forever changed for us because she was there, and we were able to see from her perspective. She is one amazing little girl!

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