Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Best Way NOT to Wake Up

The best way to wake up is not at 2:30 a.m. with a wide-awake baby. When you do that, it may lead you to do weird things like snap at your husband because a motorcycle drove by (which was the cause of this way-too-early morning wake up call for baby and self.)

That may or may not have happened in the middle of the night. Okay -- it happened, and when I woke up for the second time today, my husband was already off to work before I could apologize for being so grouchy. I kind of think he has already forgiven me though, because when I woke up I found that he had set out my favorite mug for coffee and wrote a little love note before he left for work. That guy!

Speaking of mornings, I can't remember if I already shared my new favorite go-to breakfast sandwich with you all. Even if I did, it's worth another share! I can't get enough of them; it's an english muffin with a fried egg, a tsp. of mustard and a tsp. of raw honey. Try it! Seriously. It's around 200 calories and so, so good!

I've also got a go-to snack (mainly between lunch and dinner) that I keep going back to: pita chips and garlic hummus. My word. This is a snack I look forward to all day!

As for dinner last evening, my husband decided to make it for me, and so it was not according to my meal plan. He chose to make Chicken Parmesan with angel hair pasta. It was heavenly. Tasted like it came right from a restaurant kitchen.

Being that I didn't follow "the plan" for dinner last evening, I'm making a few changes to my dinner meal plan for the remainder of the week. This way I stay on track!

Monday - Chicken Parm
Tuesday - Shrimp Stir Fry
Wednesday - Chicken Salad
Thursday - Chicken Stir Fry
Friday - Homemade Pizza

Also -- I must say, my legs are very sore this morning. I did my stability ball workout yesterday and it sure was a workout! I'm looking forward to a rest day today. My legs need it!

Readers, do you have a go-to snack or meal that you've been loving lately? What's your ideal time to wake up in the mornings?

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