Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Fair Week is Back

Fair week is here; fair week is here!

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Photo from last year's fair. Evan, myself and a growing Piper (in my tummy)!

Last year, I was pregnant for the fair. That was... awesome! This year, I am 7 (almost 8) months postpartum and I have been over-indulgent with food for about all 7 of those months. This week is fair week. It could possibly be one of my most favorite weeks to look forward to each year! Over-indulgence during fair time is kind of a given. I'm not even going to try to restrict myself, otherwise, I will over-indulge even more. I really am going to get back to business, but fair week is not the week to do it.

After years of attending our local fair, I have narrowed down a few fair-favorites and I basically know what I'll be eating when I visit.

Dinner: Gyro or  Pizza (slice as big as your head)
Dessert: Peanut Butter Milkshake

Cheese fries, Pepperoni Balls and Deep Fried Oreo's may also make an appearance in exchange for the dinner or dessert listed above. Fair food... it's horrible, horrible, horrible, but it's just so good! And, it only comes but once a year.

My husband started his last year of school this week (five years really flew), and so he will be missing the first night of the fair, as he has for the past couple years. His night class is on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Next year will be an exciting fair week since Nick will be with me for the entire week! Did I just type "me", I meant to type "us"... he will be with "us" for fair week.

This is our daughter, Piper's, first "Fair Week"! Having Piper with us during fair week is really, really special to us. After all, it was at the fair (about 13 years ago) when I first realized that I loved Nick. The fair has always been a special event for my husband and I; we even got married on the Saturday of the fair (and our 6 year anniversary is this Saturday the 19th)! The fair; our small town; my little family... I love living here! My heart is so full.

Just like last year, Piper and I will be taking my little brother to the fair early so he can enjoy Ride-A-Rama. The only difference is that last year, Piper was in my belly. It's going to be a little noisier for her this year.

I took Piper for a stroll around the fair grounds last evening (before it opened) to give her an idea of what she's in for this week. According to the forecast, we are in for a beautiful, warm week ahead. That will just make things even better for our visit!

I am really, really excited for this fair week! This is probably the most exciting fair week for me since last year (when Piper was in my tummy) and 13 years ago (when my tummy was filled with butterflies) while falling in love with Nick.

Happy Fair week, all! If you don't hear from me again this week, I will be sure to update next! Also -- you can check out my Instagram for any photo updates along the way!

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