Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Onward to October Goals

Now that our big order has been filled, I'm playing catch-up with things like birthday deliveries (for birthdays that happened weeks ago), doing all of our laundry, and catching up on sleep... sweet elusive sleep. Actually, laundry and sleep will probably take a while to get caught up on; especially, sleep.

Right now we are going through the 8 month sleep regression with Piper. It's a thing, I guess. Who knew? Not me. Anyway, we've been battling this regression for a week or two now but last night was probably the hardest night of it, yet. My husband and I have both been up since about 2:30 a.m. with Piper. Let's just say all the coffee is needed today; all of it.

Today is the last day of September. Wow! This month came and went so, so fast.

With tomorrow being the start of a new month, I have decided to take this opportunity to refocus on myself and my weight loss goals. My goals for September got pushed to the back burner, and that's okay. September was a wild and great month! I sought out grace for myself this past month and now I'm ready to work toward some October goals.

{october goals}

  1. Keep a photo food journal - you can follow my photo food journal and see exactly what I'm eating each day at I created this new account for my photo food journal. I got this idea from Katie at RunsforCookies. It has really worked for her! I love trying and sharing new tools that we all can use for our weight-loss journeys. As for myself, I think the extra accountability (and knowing that other people can see what I'm eating) is really going to help keep me on track!
  2. Run a sub-15 minute mile - it's been a while since I've had a running goal. I started running again last week and my initial mile time was 15:49. I forgot how motivating it can be to work toward shredding seconds off that number, and I feel so good afterward, too!
  3. Drink at least 64 oz. of water per day - this is a far cry from what I really need to be drinking (120 oz) but I think I need to work my way back up to that amount. This goal seems much more reachable to me right now, and so I'm going with it!
Readers, what are your goals for October? Do any of you have a photo food journal you want to share?


  1. Those are great, reachable goals! Good job recognizing that the 120oz is maybe too ambitious for you right now and adjusting to a much more attainable goal. You're going to have a great month!

  2. You've set some awesome goals for October! You can do this!! :)

  3. Nice goals! I like the idea of keeping a photo food journal. I've never thought of doing that before, but it's really a great idea.