Monday, September 14, 2015

Piper Grace: Seven Months

Our baby girl is turning 8 months old soon, and so I believe it's time to finally get her 7 month update up and out there.

Piper Grace really took our hearts by storm this month. She said her first two words: Mama and then, Dada. She makes the cutest faces when saying both mama and dada; she even combined them once for a "mama, dada" double heartwarming session. We can't even explain what it feels like to hear her say those words. There are no words for that feeling!

Piper is completely able to sit up on her own with no assistance, however; I do like to keep some pillows or our boppy around her just for the occasional tip over. She gets way too excited at times and just flies backward with little to no warning. She is getting better at catching herself, though.

Girlfriend still dislikes being on her tummy, and so crawling is definitely not happening anytime soon. We are more than okay with that! She is so determined, I know we will be non-stop once she is mobile. Thing is, once she learned to roll from her belly to back, tummy time became non-existent. Anytime I put her on her belly, I imagine her saying "NOPE!" as she rolls instantly onto her back (and subsequently tries to sit up). All Piper wants in life is to sit up and look all around. Can't blame her for that! She's a curious little princess.

Piper absolutely loves to be outside! I am not quite sure how she is going to deal with the impending cold weather and our (way too long) winters. Piper is most content sitting directly in the grass, where she can pull the grass out and examine every little piece. During Labor Day weekend, Piper sat with us in the grass for literally two hours at my in-laws; just picking at the grass. She was so quite, other people forgot she was even there! If her binky wasn't in her mouth, though, she also enjoyed putting said grass right into her mouth. She may have eaten some grass when we weren't looking. She's a sneaky one, that sweet girl.

Piper has tried a lot of different purees since turning 6 months old. Her favorite foods are green beans and sweet potatoes. She still only has two bottom teeth, but there are four more that are about ready to make their debut. I believe the top two made her have a runny nose a couple weeks ago. That broke my momma heart but we got through it, and she was still a happy girl despite it all.

During Piper's seventh month with us, it also became time to transition her to the crib. Up until this past month, she had been spending her nights and her naps in the Rock N' Play. This was great for her earlier months as she had been born with GERD. Now that she has seemed to grow out of GERD, it became time to transition to the crib. It didn't take her too long to get use to the crib. We took the front off and pushed the crib up next to our bed. It's basically just an addition to our bed now. We'll keep it like that as she gets use to sleeping in it. Piper also needs to be swaddled still, and so I'll want her sleeping next to me (in her crib) until we break her of the swaddle, too. We aren't going there yet, though. She's still our sweet "little" baby, after all.

This past month, Piper also spent the night at her grammie's for the very first time. My husband and I took that time to go out and have fun with friends. We didn't get much sleep ourselves, as we were out until the wee hours of the morning. We had so much fun! However, the next time Piper goes over to grammie's for a sleepover, my husband and I agreed we'd try to catch up on some sleep, too! That sounds wonderful right about now.

This past month we went on countless walks; we went to a couple car shows; we went to a baseball game; Piper had her first trip to the zoo, and; she had her first visit to an amusement park! With Piper being this age in the prime of summer, it was a lot of fun for all of us!

Her favorite toys right now include her bunny, a monkey rattle and her one-armed cow, "Lucky". (Lucky lost his arm during a run-in with a dog earlier this month. Nick fixed his arm all up and we're glad to say that Lucky will be just fine.)

Piper Grace, I have loved watching you grow. This month alone, you have grown so much! We love showing you our world, and watching your reaction to new things. I couldn't imagine my world without you. Piper, you make everything so much more fun and so much more beautiful. I love you, baby girl!

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