Sunday, October 18, 2015

Big Bridesmaid Challenge: Part II - Week 1

The first week of my Big Bridesmaid Challenge (Part II) was a success!

(Photo of Piper and I from last weekend)

This first week wasn't a success because I followed all of my plans perfectly, or even because of the number on the scale; rather, it was a success because I kept my goals in mind all week long, and I'm checking in today (with the good, and the bad)!


{exercise plan for week 1}

M - 30 min/treadmill (Done)

T - rest (Done)

W - 30 min/treadmill (Skipped)

T - rest (Done)

F - 30 min/treadmill (Skipped)

S - rest (Done)

I got a bad head cold on Wednesday =and decided to use my energy to get better instead of working out. Now that I'm feeling better, I'm really looking forward to following my exercise plan for the week ahead!

{meal plan for week 1}

M - fish with rice and brussels sprouts (Done)

T - crispy chicken salad (Change: Pizza bites and Pinot Noir)

W - pork stir fry with rice (Change: Italian sub)

T - chicken taco salad (Change: Gyro)

F - pork stir fry with rice (Done)

S - homemade pasta with shrimp (Done)

Tuesday's dinner turned into a super classy dinner of pizza bites and wine at 8 pm. Monday and Tuesdays are fairly long for me because Nick works at 7 am and has night class after work so he doesn't come home until 9 pm. Piper was having a hard time on Tuesday (with four teeth working their way through) so by the time I got her to sleep, I was "starving". Pizza bites and wine were quick (and necessary) after my long day.

Wednesday I got sick, and so that kind of derailed my meal plans for that evening and Thursday. Nobody wants to cook when they're sick, right?

The Progress:

Starting Date: 10/11/15
Starting Weight: 245 lbs

Current Date: 10/18/15
Current Weight: 243.5 lbs (-1.5 lbs from last week)

Total Loss: 1.5 lbs

Goal Weight: 220 lbs
Goal Date: 3/13/16

Pounds to Goal: 23.5 lbs

I am starting to feel much better health-wise, just a little sore throat lingering now. I plan on making this week ahead a great (and hopefully healthier) one!

Check back tomorrow for my meal and exercise plans for the week!

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