Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Big Bridesmaid Challenge: Part II - Week 2

As promised, here's the recap of Week 2 of my current challenge. {You can read the fine details my current challenge, here: Big Bridesmaid Challenge, Part II.}


{exercise plan for week 2}

M - 30 min/treadmill (Skipped)

T - rest (Done)

W - 30 min/treadmill (1 hour - Jazzercise, instead)

T - rest (Done)

F - 30 min/treadmill (Skipped)

S - rest (Done)

{meal plan for week 2}

S - homemade chicken pot pie (Done)

M - fish with rice and brussels sprouts (leftovers at moms)

T - chicken salad (Done)

W - pork stir fry with rice (chicken salad)

T - chicken salad (Done - at a restaurant)

F - pork stir fry with rice (beer and wings)

S - white chicken chili (chicken alfredo)

The Progress:

Starting Date: 10/11/15
Starting Weight: 245 lbs

Current Date: 10/28/15
Current Weight: 245 lbs (+1.5 lbs from last week)

Total Loss: 0 lbs

Goal Weight: 220 lbs
Goal Date: 3/13/16

Pounds to Goal: 25 lbs

After Wednesday last week, I kind of went into over-indulgence mode. You can read everything that happened this past weekend in Monday's post: Long Weekend Recap.

This is a small glimpse into our Friday evening, alone. There was much more of this on Thursday and Friday, too.

Basically, eating out two nights in a row and drinking pumpkin beer three nights in a row is kind of a recipe for disaster on the scale.

It's okay though, I am not going to have a loss on the scale every week. I know that! Some weeks I am going to over-indulge and that's why this challenge is in place. After all, I am trying to lose weight while living life. This challenge is going to keep me on track, get me to refocus on my goals and keep me accountable along the way.

Refocusing complete.

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  1. Great attitude! :) I love wings... our grocery store has a wing bar, and I walked past it just as they were putting out some fresh ones... man, that craving hit me so HARD! I went ahead and indulged it--got some wings to take home--and that was that! I knew if I didn't, I'd be eating everything else just trying to avoid eating the wings.

    Sometimes, life just calls for pumpkin beer and wings :)