Saturday, October 17, 2015

Mesh Feeder, Walker and Destruct-o-mode

Piper tried some new things this week!

Piper has begun eating fresh fruits with the assistance of a mesh feeder. I wish I would have tried this sooner! It takes a lot of worry away by minimizing the choking hazard that comes with introducing solids. I still give Piper solids to eat by hand, but the mesh feeder does come in handy every once in a while.

The only down side to using the mesh feeder is of course the mess that comes along with it. Bananas + mesh feeder = about 10 minutes of picking out every last piece of mashed banana from the mesh. It's a little bit of work, but totally worth it!

So far we have tried grapes and bananas in the mesh feeder. Piper likes the bananas best!


Piper has been having so much fun playing on her alphabet mat, lately. We bought this gem a couple weeks ago because she needed a little extra cushion while playing on our hard wood floors. It's been great!  We have been storing the mat under our couch when she is finished playing with it; we just fold it up and it fits great!

Now that Piper has this mat to play on, she is learning to brace herself when she falls over (without much worry for us parents). She is much more willing to spend time on the floor now that it's more comfy for her. We love this mat, however, I think the mat's life span just got a little shorter. This past week, Piper has begun destruct-o-mode on the mat. She just loves to tear it apart! 

"Dada" picked Piper up a new toy this week! It has only taken Piper two days to figure out how to maneuver her new walker all around the house. She really loves to chase the dogs with it and she likes to roll around the kitchen island while we are cooking or cleaning up.

This girl is so, so sweet. 

Piper seems to be doing a little better with her teething today but I have a feeling we are about to have some hard moments coming our way. I noticed one top tooth has begun to break through (with 3 more making their way to the surface). Before we know it, that little two-tooth smile we love so much is going to have many more teeth to show!

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  1. Oh how fun when they first stat using their walkers! :)