Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Piper Grace: Eight Months

This is the first month with Piper that really made both my husband and I realize, wow... before we know it, she's going to be one! We are really cherishing every moment with have with this baby of ours.

At 8 months, Piper is fully transitioned to her crib! We took the front railing off the crib and pushed her crib up flush with our bed. It's been really nice having her only an arms reach away throughout the night. She doesn't sleep as well in the crib as she slept in her Rock N' Play but, we are thinking that's more related to age-specific sleep regression and teething troubles. Her two bottom teeth have been in for a while but lately, she has been teething with her top two. Nothing has come through the top yet, but she's been working real hard on it.

Up until this month, Piper has found such comfort in being swaddled for naps and bedtime. I'm happy to say that she is slowly starting to break the swaddle as she is finding that she likes to sleep on her right side. It's her favorite way to sleep! Even if we do swaddle her for bed, she usually ends up unswaddled, laying on her right side, turned all sideways (and often kicking me in the chest) by the middle of the night.

Piper's favorite toy of this month is not really a toy at all. She loves to play with spatulas (we had to go buy her one of her own to play with). She also finds joy in things such as crinkling paper and paper being ripped to shreds. I'm thinking she is going to have a lot of fun come Christmas time!

Piper has been rolling for months now from belly to back but, this month she found that she can keep rolling to get something she wants. She use to refuse to roll onto her belly but now that there's some incentive (of mobility), when we put her down on the floor (or in her crib), she rolls all over the place! She also just started pulling up on things, too. We couldn't believe it how just one day, all of a sudden, she can pull herself up! When she has something in mind, she is one determined little girl.

Piper has been having a lot of fun trying new foods lately. She is pretty much over purees (unless it's sweet potatoes -- girl loves her sweet potatoes) and really into finger foods. She just loves to feed herself! She enjoys banana and blueberry puffs (made by Gerber) and pretty much anything we give her. Lately, she's been eating scrambled egg yolks or some bananas with crumbles of a homemade blueberry scone for breakfast. {You can find the recipe for the scones I make by clicking, here.} We have found that she loves mashed potatoes and the insides of Olive Garden's bread sticks, too. She also likes our homemade pasta. Pretty much, if it's carbs, she loves it; just like her momma.

My husband, Piper and I all went out to dinner at the Olive Garden for the first time together this past weekend. It went unbelievably well! Piper has gone out to eat with us many times since she has been born but, lately she has been more apart of our dining experience than ever now that she can sit in a high chair and eat with us. She enjoyed people watching and eating the inside of bread sticks while my husband and I enjoyed our meals. She was so good, we got a lot of compliments on our smiling baby (or should I say big) girl!

This month, Piper went to her first fair week! That was a big milestone for us as a family. {You can read why this was so special to us by clicking, here and the re-cap of our experience by clicking, here.} She loved fair week more than I could have hoped for and I'm so glad we had a great time together as a family!

Here are some more pictures of our past month with Piper:


Piper Grace, you have a mind of your own and I love getting to know you. Nothing makes me more happy than finding out what makes you happy. I love you forever and always, my baby girl.

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