Thursday, October 15, 2015

Piper's First Party

I don't have much to share today so I'll fill you in on some more excitement from this past weekend! 

On Saturday, Piper went to her first party! She was invited to her new friend, Paisley's, first birthday party and she had such a blast!

It seems like just yesterday I was chatting with Paisley's mom, talking about our how our pregnancies were going. Now, all of a sudden, Paisley is one and my baby is going to be 9 months old in less than a week. Ah! This year is going by so fast!

During the party, Piper had fun playing in Paisley's ball pit, petting Diesel the big dog and scooting around in Paisley's old walker. My husband and I had fun catching up with old friends!

Piper gave Paisley that Minnie Mouse stuffed animal she is chewing on in the pictures. I guess Piper  needed to slobber up the tag a bit before she handed it over for good. Must be for good luck or something? Oh, that Piper!

Piper was such a good girl at the party. We were there for a few hours before she started to get sleepy. She slept so good after all the excitement her first party had to bring!

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