Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Fun Fall Balance Bar Medley Review & Giveaway

Fall is one of my favorite seasons for many reasons; one of which is the indulgent comfort foods that come along with it! Homemade pie from a warm oven on a cold night, anyone?

As wonderful as that all is, it definitely makes it harder to stay on track with my weight-loss goals. That's where Balance Bar has been coming in to save the day. With Balance Bar, I can still indulge in decadent flavors like chocolate and cookie dough, all while getting the balanced nutrition my body needs to stay energized and satisfied!

Balance Bar sent me a Fun Fall Balance Bar Medley pack filled with Dark Chocolate Coconut Balance Bars, Cookie Dough Balance Bars and their new Balance Bites.


This was my first time trying the Balance Bites and I really enjoyed them! They have a nice crunch that reminds me of cereal. The Balance Bites are perfect for a mid-morning snack. Actually, I'm sure you could eat these anytime of day; I just say mid-morning because that's when I've been snacking with them.

Lately, I haven't been leaving the house without one of my new favorite Dark Chocolate Coconut Balance Bars in my purse. They are the perfect on-the-go snack that help keep me on track (and out of the drive-thru's). These bars are only 180 calories! Hard to believe because they taste so rich and indulgent. I have even been known to eat these as my after-dinner dessert, as well!

Cookie Dough, oh sweet cookie dough, has always been a favorite Balance Bar of mine. I like to put these bars in the fridge and eat them cold! When you put the Cookie Dough Balance Bars in the fridge, they taste just like sneaking a spoonful of chilled homemade cookie dough (only with way less consequence and way more satisfying)!

For anyone who may be new to Balance Bar, let me tell you one of the best things about their products (aside from how amazing they taste)!

Balance Bars are based on the 40-30-30 nutrition principal (40% of calories are from carbohydrates, 30% from protein and 30% from dietary fat). 40-30-30 is a proven formula developed by scientists to provide sustained, balanced energy and help satisfy hunger for longer.


My friends at Balance Bar are giving away a Fall Balance Bar Medley Prize Pack to one lucky reader of "Goal of Losing"! The prize pack will include a couple different flavors of Balance Bars and samples of the new Balance Bites!

It's easy to enter this giveaway, just use the rafflecopter, below. Must be a U.S. resident and 18 years or older to participate.

Giveaway ends on November 20, 2015. Winner will be notified by email.

{I'm going to take these next few days to enjoy the beautiful fall weather we're getting right now! You can check up on me through Instagram until I return with a new post!}


  1. Dark Chocolate Coconut sounds delicious!! I would love to win some!! Thanks for having the giveaway.

  2. I love coconut anything, and those bites look amazing.

  3. These sound good! I love all things cookie dough.

  4. I'd like to win because everything in the Medley Prize Pack sounds super yummy, especially the cookie dough bars!

  5. Balance Bars are perfect on the go snacks!

  6. The little bite look so yummy and fun to eat!!

  7. I would like to win because I would like to try them!