Monday, November 16, 2015

Holiday Season Denial

Ho Ho Ho - the holiday season is upon us. Wait - say what?!

Ho Ho Ho - $14.50 on Etsy

I am kind of in denial about this holiday season. It doesn't seem like it's November, let alone the fact that Christmas is about 5 weeks away. Eek!

Despite my holiday-season denial, this past weekend, I made some holiday banners for our Etsy shop, "Anything Rustic", and I updated our stock at The Light in the Woods, too.

Be Merry - $14.50 on Etsy

Making the holiday themed banners (while listening to Christmas music) really got me feeling the good ole' Christmas spirit. I think I'm ready to go out (or stay in - online) and buy the first Christmas gifts of the season. Maybe. I'm almost ready. I'm getting there. It'll happen; it has to happen!

Let it Snow - $16 on Etsy

Readers, are you feeling the Christmas spirit yet? 
When do you usually start Christmas shopping?
Have you started Christmas shopping, yet?

If you're interested - check out our Etsy shop, here: Anything Rustic.

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