Thursday, November 12, 2015

Piper Grace: Nine Months

I'm a little late on this update (Piper is now 9 1/2 months old) but - better late than never!

These nine months have been the best of my life. These nine months have gone too fast! I long for the days when my baby would fall asleep in my arms; this has only happened on three occasions since she was about 4 or 5 months old. I remember each instance of this because there is nothing I love more than having her sleep in my arms.

Our Piper Grace is independent, smart, funny, strong, determined and... did I mention independent? If she could crawl or walk, I think we'd never get the chance to hold her again. That would be part of the reason why I haven't encouraged her too much. Don't worry though, she's so determined, she'll figure it all out soon enough. Then she'll be off and we'll be running!

This past month, Piper has grown so much. Her hair is thick, soft and beautiful. She has two bottom teeth and she has four top teeth coming in, one of which has broken through the gums. Piper pulls up with ease and loves to climb all over us. She is so proud when she stands and walks (with our help or while holding onto the couch).

Piper is afraid of people that approach her with sunglasses on or those who have a lot of facial hair. At this rate, meeting Santa this Christmas may be terrifying for her. We'll see how long this fear of beards will last. I was also curious to see how she reacts to people dressed up for Halloween but as it turns out, she did just fine with that!

Piper loves her puppies! Every morning when we walk down the stairs, she leans out to look all around for Max and Topher. Once she finds them, she smiles and giggles. It's the cutest thing! We have pictures of Max and Topher hanging in her room, which also make her really happy. When we walk past the pictures, she reaches her hand out and smiles. This has started the routine of us stopping so she can touch the photos every time we pass them. We point at the pictures together and I say "puppies!" and she giggles.

Around the time Piper turned 9 months old, we moved her crib from beside our bed to against the wall across the room. For a little over a month, Piper was sleeping in the crib with the front detached and the mattress pushed flush against our mattress. This was a wonderful, wonderful time for us all! It was like she was sleeping in bed with us, but within the safety of her own crib. I loved to watch her sleep next to me! With her being an arms reach away, it made reassuring her much easier throughout the night, too.

The first week we all had trouble getting use to the new sleeping arrangements. There were nights when Piper would wake up every couple hours to every 20 minutes. That was a rough night! Mostly, I think the waking up has to do with some hard teething. My husband and I were talking about moving her crib back next to our bed until she is finished teething with these (terrible) top teeth, but we've almost made it through!

Piper says momma and dada and has been saying those two words for some time, now. Piper loves to whisper "dada", almost under her breath. Nick and I think it's the funniest thing! She'll whisper "da da da" when he goes in to get her out of the crib; when she sees him pull up the driveway in his work van, and; when we talk to him on speaker phone while he's away at work. She knows who her "dada" is, that's for sure! The reason why she loves to whisper "dada" is unknown to us (but totally cracks us up)!

Piper also says "mo" when she wants more food. I'd like to consider that her third word.

Speaking of food, Piper LOVES it; all of it! Okay, not quite all of it. She doesn't like fruits too much, which is surprising to me. She tolerates bananas and we're getting her warmed up to applesauce. Piper is just a meat and potatoes kind of girl (except she hasn't tried meat yet -- maybe soon).

Some of her favorite foods of the moment are sweet potatoes, green beans, peas, pasta, scones, mashed potatoes, avocado, black beans and carrots. Her favorite meal of the moment is frozen "smashed" peas with homemade pasta.

Here are some more pictures of Piper's ninth month with us:

Piper - I love you so much! You make me laugh every single day. You are so funny! Your laugh is my favorite. When I see and hear you laugh, my heart lights up with joy! You are my biggest blessing; my greatest joy.

I love you, Piper Grace.


  1. Such a cutie! I looooved when my daughter was around that age... her little personality was really coming through, and she was gaining more independence but still a baby. So much fun!