Thursday, December 10, 2015

Crazy Second Shift Week

This week has been a crazy week.

My husband has been working second shift all week. We have all been a little thrown off with this new schedule. Nick is working at a school so he has to wait for all the classes to let out before he can begin.

I thought I would like Nick being on second shift more (since he is home with us in the morning) but the night time is so quiet and lonely after Piper has gone to sleep. I think I like him being on first shift, more. Piper and I have been trying to keep busy while he is away at night, though.

We have an in-person holiday sale for "Anything Rustic" this weekend, so after Piper has gone to sleep at night I have been making a lot of burlap banners and been going through our inventory to get ready for the sale. It's going to be at an Alpaca farm, which I am excited about! I love animals.

On Wednesday, we took advantage of Nick being home during the day by going out to lunch. Piper was really good at lunch. She ate bread, peas and some pasta. She was a happy girl and we had a great time! I love taking her out to eat with us.

I made it out to Jazzercise a couple nights this week. My nana watched Piper on Monday evening and my mother-in-law came over last night so I could go workout. It was really nice for us all! I love my time out, and Piper loves spending time with all of her family!

This weekend, we're going to be busy with the holiday sale and beginning to plan Piper's first birthday party. I need to order invitations this weekend. I'm ordering them from Etsy, so they may take about a week or two to get in.

Speaking of Piper turning one, I still need to get her 10 month update up before she turns 11 months old! Piper's 10th month with us as been full of amazing progress as far as mobility and personality. She is becoming more like a toddler, every day. (However, I refuse to call her a toddler until she is at least one.) I'm having a hard time letting her grow up, but all the new fun things she does helps a lot with the transition!

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  1. Ugh, I HATED second shift when my husband had to work it... he's just there for the morning, and by the time he got home it was too late to do anything. Hang in there! (I'm a bit behind in my reading ;) )