Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Dollar Shave Club

Christmas is in less than 10 days. I guess it's time to start getting serious about Christmas shopping.

I feel like I usually would have Christmas shopping done by now, or at least nearly done in past years. I have only bought gifts for 2 people so far, on a list of about... well I'm not quite sure. I need to figure that out, as well. Yikes, this is going to be a busy week.

Nick doesn't usually read my blog daily, so I think I'm safe in sharing a little gift I bought him while online shopping, today. The gift was inexpensive and something I think he'll enjoy!


One of Nick's Christmas gifts this year is a subscription to the "Dollar Shave Club". It seems like a great deal! You can sign up for only $1 per month or you can upgrade to other razors for slightly more.

I actually signed Nick up for the "4x razor", so his subscription will be $6/a month. With that subscription he will get 4 new fresh blades each month, delivered right to our door! The first handle is included with your purchase but I also spent $4 to get an extra handle. So, for only $10 (no shipping, no other fees, no BS) I have an inexpensive, thoughtful and useful gift for my husband! I'm pretty proud of myself. You can get more info. on the Dollar Shave Club here:

I just ordered his first box this morning. The website said any orders placed by 12/17 will arrive by Christmas so, hopefully it gets here in time. If it doesn't come in time for Christmas, I'll switch some gifts around and it will be for his birthday (which is December 30th), instead.

Readers: Has anyone else tried the Dollar Shave Club? What do you think of the subscription? If you don't have a subscription, do you think you'd give it a try?

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