Thursday, December 3, 2015

Gas Leaks and Christmas Cookies

I only have a few minutes to update this morning. My aunt is coming over at 9:30 a.m. to bake Christmas cookies with Piper and I. It's nice that we can do this on a weekday morning. My aunt has her own salon and makes her own hours, so that helps.

As if on que for baking Christmas cookies, Piper and I woke up to a beautiful thick dusting of snow this morning. Nick had already gone off to work by the time we woke up and I made sure to call him to see if he made it to work alright. I think he'll get that call from me a lot this winter. (Now that I'm not constantly traveling in the snow like I use to, I think about everyone else that has to do it still.)

I'm glad that the snow came last night because right now there is a big patch of brown mud in our yard from yesterday's surprise. Apparently we had a 90% gas leak in our yard, way underground. If it was any closer to our house, we would have had to of been evacuated. Thank God it wasn't any closer to the house!

It only took the guys a few hours to get it fixed and Piper enjoyed every minute of watching them work. She did her normal routine of shouting, banging the windows and laughing at the workers outside. (I did make her take breaks for lunch and nap time, of course.)

Last night, Nick and I added Christmas lights to our tree. We have been slowly integrating the tree to our decor. Piper didn't pay much mind to the tree the past few days with it just being up and bare. Now that there are lights on it, there is a little more interest. I think we're ready to take the next step and add ornaments, this weekend.

Well, that's all for now. Time for me to warm up the oven for cookie baking by baking some sweet potatoes for Piper's meals, first. Speaking of Piper's meals, would you believe that we finally ran out of fresh pasta from that one time that I made a big batch (read: here). I think we'll make another big batch tomorrow!

Readers, will you bake any cookies for Christmas? What kind of cookies are you favorite this time of year?


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