Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The Downside to Working at Home

If you haven't already noticed, I've been trying to mix things up a bit on the blog. I took a little survey of what you all like to see here on "Goal of Losing" and it seems like most of you are interested in the work I'm doing with my home craft business, "Anything Rustic".

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All in all, I've been trying to update you and elaborate more on my New Year Resolutions for 2016. Today, I want to talk about a few of my goals geared toward my at-home business. If you've ever worked from home, you know that it comes with it's advantages and disadvantages. While the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages, the disadvantages can still be a little tricky.

There are mainly just two disadvantages for me working from home.

Disadvantage #1

- Distractions of home life. Whether my husband and daughter are having fun and I feel like I don't want to miss it, or Piper is crying and I want to help, I'm usually not as productive as I know I could be with my work. My mind isn't fully "in it" when I hear giggles or cries in the background.


- The Traveling Office. The New Year Resolution I came up with to alleviate the distractions of home life is "the traveling office". I made it a goal for myself to get out of the house twice a month with my laptop, files and anything else I need to get my work done. I have scheduled two dates for January, one of which being this past Monday.

The first outing went really well! With my time out, I went to the bank to open a small business checking account for the new year. After that, I went to McDonald's. I grabbed a salad for lunch and took advantage of their free wifi so I could get some research done on taxes (and the Schedule C that I need to file) without any distractions. It was wonderful!

Disadvantage #2

- Instant Access; Always in Sight.  When I had my husband build me "the desk" in our dining room, I thought it was a dream come true. Don't get me wrong, in some ways it still really is a dream come true! I love being around my people when I have easy work things to do that don't require a lot of thought. The only problem with the convenience of the desk is that at times it can be a little too convenient. 

Having instant access to work and having my work space always in sight opens the door for being "open for business" 24 hours a day. If I get an email or a notification of a sale, I have a hard time keeping myself from responding right away. Too often I drop whatever I am doing (usually during family time) to go to my "office" and start working outside of "work hours".

- More Scheduled Work and Working Less with More Intention. More scheduled work doesn't mean work more; it actually means quite the opposite. I want to schedule my work more often so that I do end up working less (and thus with more intention).

I have been scheduling my in-office work days in my planner as "nap time office" time. On Tuesday, I scheduled myself for the "nap time office" to work on taxes. Since it was scheduled in my book, I was able to go into work-mode with a clear goal and time frame to work with; this helped me to get more work done in less time and with more intention.

Scheduling my work hours (and sticking to them) is going to help get rid of the blending of personal time and work time. That's the goal, anyway!

Readers, do you have any goals for any work you'll be doing in 2016? I'd love to hear any plans you may have to work more efficiently this year. Leave a comment, below!

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