Friday, January 29, 2016


In the words of my husband, I was just kind of wildcatting it this week. In other words, there was no structure for my days; I was just kind of going with the flow.

My husband worked second shift this week and so it kind of threw everything off for us and our normal routine. With Nick being home all day until about 2:00 p.m., I spent my time with him and Piper instead of getting any home-office work done. I did, however, ship any banners orders we received from the shop. That's kind of mandatory and that's about the extent of the work I did this week.

I guess that's a little benefit of working for yourself; you're the boss. If you want to take some time off, nobody is going to tell you "no". On the other hand, being your own boss can be tough. Some days I'm very demanding of myself but like I said, not this week. This week I was just wildcatting it.

This ended up being a pretty good week to wildcat it. I started to get sick shortly after my daughter's first birthday party was over last weekend so I didn't feel my best this week. Last night my throat was really hurting. It seemed like staying busy is what was keeping the sickness at bay, but it finally all caught up with me.

With Nick being on second shift, my evenings have been really quiet. Piper goes to sleep sometime between 7:00/8:00 p.m. and so I have a couple hours to myself. Since I've been wildcatting it this week, I just used that alone time to drink wine and catch up one some of my favorite shows. Sometimes being lazy feel so good.

Since we are coming to the end of the month and I was relatively lazy this week, I think it would be a good time Ito evaluate myself on my goals. Instead of breaking down each goal with a narrative on how I'm doing, I will just highlight the goal red, yellow or green.

Red = did not work on goal or no progress made
Yellow = began working on goal but did not stay consistent
Green = success!

2016 Resolutions/Goals

- More in-person Church (and online sermons)
- Lose 50 lbs. (starting weight: 250 lbs.)
- More date nights (twice a month would be nice)
- Sleep more (this one is kind of a joke)
- More calorie tracking

Business (Anything Rustic)
- More craft shows (at least four)
- Monthly book-keeping folders
- Work less with more intention
- Bi-weekly traveling office work (sheetz cafe, starbucks, etc.)
- More scheduled work; less blending personal/work time

- Aim for six posts a week
- Better balance with updates
- Learn SEO
- More recipes!
- More scheduled writing time

The only goal that I want to elaborate more on is my goal of losing 50 pounds. I weighed myself this morning and I'm still at 250 lbs. I had lost a couple pounds when I was consistent with tracking my calories at the beginning of the month but when things got crazy, I dropped the ball on that and gained the weight-loss back. If anything, I am happy to have maintained my weight this month but, I need to get serious about calorie tracking again if I want to meet that weight-loss goal this year!

Readers, did you make any new year resolutions or goals this year? How are you doing? Are you excited to start February? I sure am!

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  1. You're doing well with your goals--we can't do everything all once and do it well, right? ;) I would probably give myself all yellows for my goals lately... I haven't been consistent with them (i.e. I lack discipline!).

    P.S. Being lazy and having a quiet house to myself is like my dream evening, lol.