Sunday, February 21, 2016

Bar Nights + Night Snacking = Weight Gain

Evening snacking is becoming a problem for me, again. Actually, I'm not sure that it ever stopped being a problem since the last time we talked about it, however, I know that it's the one thing that is keeping me from losing weight. Going out to eat and drinking beer every weekend with our friends probably isn't helping matters much, either.

Bar Night + Night Snacking + Bar Night = Weight Gain

I feel like I've stumbled a few times in the past couple weeks and I just haven't caught my footing, yet. I started sliding downhill last Saturday; there was a big get together with my friends that included bar food, beer and bowling. It was really fun and really indulgent! 

The next day was Valentine's Day (read: I received about five bags of Romolo's chocolate and thereafter ate one bag of chocolate a day, until it was all gone). Then, to end this past week, my husband and I went out to the bar with some of our other friends for dinner and drinks. We had another great time and I think I burned some calories that night while laughing with my friend until we cried.

With all the fun being had, and all of the over-indulgences, my husband and I both woke up yesterday feeling very stiff and bloated. We haven't been treating our bodies very well these past couple weeks and we are feeling it. We weighed ourselves yesterday morning, just to assess the damage, and we were both way up on the scale. I was up 5 pounds from my loss earlier this month. I weighed in at 253 lbs. This was a harsh but definitely a well needed wake-up call.

Since we didn't have any plans for yesterday, my husband and I took Piper out shopping with us. We went to the mall first so Nick could get fitted for a tux (we are both in a wedding this summer, which should be even more incentive for us to lose weight). After Nick was done getting fitted, we walked around the mall with Piper and let her play on a couple rides. She was a little worried about the rides at first, but she warmed up quick!

When we were finished at the mall, we all went grocery shopping. My husband and I picked up a lot of fresh fruits and good stuff for the week ahead. 

We are both more than ready to "press the reset button" today! It's Sunday and we're ready to start the week on a good note! I am going to spend the day chopping our fresh fruits and vegetables and preparing some meals for the week ahead.

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