Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Failure is Part of the Process

If you read my post from yesterday, then you know that I believe quotes can be powerful. Today I want to share a quote that has always helped me regain perspective when I feel disappointed in my progress or lack thereof.

"Change takes time, especially when attempting to change long-held patterns. This isn't meant to discourage you, but to remind you of what you already know. People tend to forget these simple truths and expect an obstacle-free road and instant results. Such unrealistic expectations can only lead to disappointment. When setbacks occur, as they must, realize they aren't a sign of failure but simply part of the process." - unknown*

After about a week or so of not having my goals for February in the front of my mind, I am left feeling like a failure and I'm disappointed. The quote above tells me that this feeling of failure and disappointment is part of the changing process. I've been reminded that this is not going to be an obstacle-free road, which is essentially why I'm embracing the struggle.

February Goals

- Drink 5 bottles of water per day (110 oz)
- Take vitamins daily (prenatal, vitamin C and vitamin D)
- Track calories daily
- Weekly weigh-in's

Yesterday, I filled my prenatal vitamin prescription and picked up some more Vitamin D supplements. This morning, I took my vitamins and I'm working on my first bottle of water. I am planning on writing down everything that I eat today, too.

I don't know what tomorrow will bring but I can't worry about tomorrow right now. Worrying about tomorrow will take my focus off of today. Today has just begun and I intend to keep myself and my goals in mind. Nothing is going to change if I don't start thinking of myself, for the good of myself, each and every day. 

A simple day holds more weight than I care to think about; it can either contribute to my weight gain or it can contribute to my weight loss. The power of a single day adds up over time. Today is going to contribute to my weight loss.

*despite doing some research, I was unable to find the source of the quote. The quote is not my own.

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  1. Hi There. Focus on 1-2 things a day for a couple of days. That's what I do when I get into a rut or "off track" so to speak. I haven't made it to the gym this week yet. But, I have made sure to drink my gallon of water, and eat good. Its so much easier for me to just add in what i'm missing if i'm being successful with a few others. I have a 32 oz cup with a straw. I make sure to drink 4 of those a day (I can drink more if I have a straw) and then I know I have my gallon in. You can do this. Stay positive and plug away! --Melissa