Monday, February 29, 2016

Piper's Play Room

We're starting out this fresh new week with a new play room in our house!
Last week, I was hit with the Spring cleaning bug. On Monday, I cleaned out all of our closets and deep cleaned our mud room. On Friday morning, during my quiet time before Piper woke up, I started to make some plans to clean out our spare bedroom so we could convert it to a play room. We live in a three bedroom house and up until this weekend, the third bedroom was our catch-all/storage room.

On Saturday, my husband and I purged a lot of stuff we didn't need to hang on to anymore. It felt great to get rid of and donate so much stuff we just weren't using. Underneath all the stuff was a perfect little spot for Piper to play.
We have been in this house for six years, come March. During our time here, this third bedroom has been many things. It was once used as a spare bedroom, a work out room, a storage room and now, it's P's little play room!

The big play room reveal was pretty exciting for Piper. She didn't even know this room existed. Once it was all finished, Piper played for a solid hour with us in that room. I am loving this room, already!

For now, we have decided to keep the treadmill in the play room. We'll see how Piper does with it in there. We would love to eventually be able to use the treadmill while Piper is playing with her toys, but I think that's wishful thinking during these toddler years. Either way, it's nice for us to still have access to the treadmill, even if it's just while Piper is asleep.

We're thinking of adding a chalkboard eventually and Nick has plans to build her a toy box someday.

We are just loving this new play room! This morning, Piper played in there for another hour between breakfast and nap time. We had a tea party, we tore up the alphabet mat and we played hide and seek in the circus tent.
Any morning spent in a circus tent is a good morning. Monday morning is off to a great start!
Readers, what did you do this weekend? Have you begun Spring cleaning yet? Do you have any plans for Spring cleaning?

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  1. you might want to put a gate around the treadmill, she will try to climb on it when you're on it