Tuesday, March 1, 2016

20 Pounds Above Lowest Weight

Right now I am 20 pounds up from my lowest weight. I reached my lowest weight in my weight-loss journey prior to becoming pregnant with Piper in 2014. It's a little frustrating to know that I have to lose weight that I've already lost once before, but I'm not letting that fact get me down. The feeling of getting healthier keeps me up.

Just from losing 6 pounds last week, my shirts and my pants are already feeling a little more loose. I'm starting out this week without the feeling of being constantly bloated. It's a great feeling, and I know that losing the rest of these 20 pounds will feel even better! My overall goal for the year is to lose 50 pounds.

Right now, I am currently on a 10-day streak of counting my calories. One thing that has been helping me stay on track is accountability. I've been holding myself accountable for counting calories by posting pictures of what I've been eating on Instagram. I post pictures of everything that I eat each day on my food journal account (username: foodofgoaloflosing). If you follow me there, you will see that I'm not drinking any fad diet shakes or eating salads for every single meal. I'm not "eating clean". I'm eating the same that things that I've always eaten; I'm just not over-eating. That makes a big difference for me!

In knowing that, I must also say that eating the "good stuff" does make a big difference in my weight loss, too. When I incorporate more fruits and vegetables in my day, I end up filling myself up with more of the "good stuff", leaving less calories for all that "less than good stuff". It's basically a balancing act. I eat apples and cake. Nothing off limits.

During March, I am hoping to continue to lose weight. I know that I shouldn't expect a big loss after my initial big drop last week, but I do expect to maintain the loss and continue onward. Today I weighed in at 247 lbs. That will be my starting weight for the month.

Readers, do you hold yourself accountable for counting calories or points? If so, please share! I'd love to know what works for you!

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  1. Kay, you are such an inspiration! I love your honesty and positivity. My goal for March is to lose weight, too. I am currently 50 pounds heavier than my lowest weight...but my babies are 5 and 7, and I've decided that it's time to ditch the pregnancy (and then some) weight for good. I've been reading your blog for awhile, and have found it very helpful in getting myself into the right mindset for this journey. I've gained and lost in the past even before children, and I'm hoping that this time I can lose it all for good. Thanks for your writing--it's a real blessing to me!