Monday, March 21, 2016

Piper's Hospital Stay

Last week was one of the top three hardest weeks of my life. Piper ended up getting severely dehydrated from gastroenteritis.

We took Piper to the Emergency Room on Wednesday morning after going about 24 hours without a wet diaper. When I say we, I mean my mother-in-law and I. My husband was sick at home and was barely able to even stand up until later on in the afternoon. He came in to be with us as soon as he was physically able to be there.

While we were in the Emergency Room, they did blood work on Piper which showed that her carbon dioxide level was very low and that her glucose was also out of normal range. The doctor admitted Piper overnight in the pediatric unit. Once we got up to her room, things got a little easier because there was a crib we could set her in. The hours in the Emergency Room were tough!

The entire experience was hard, and I don't know how I would have done it all without my mother-in-law. Around noon, I started getting the same thing that Piper and my husband were both sick with. It was hard to stand and walk around with Piper in my arms. My mother-in-law helped me emotionally, mentally and physically. I could never thank her enough for being there for us.

It was all hard, but the hardest part of our stay was having Piper get an IV. The IV team just couldn't get a vein at first. They tried in one arm and thought they had it but lost it. They were going to try the other arm. After about 15 minutes of Piper screaming, I told them they had to go and try again later after she had a chance to calm down. A few hours later, they finally got the IV in her other arm and she started getting the fluids she needed.

Unfortunately, Piper didn't get all of the fluids she needed. They wanted her to get two bags of fluid, but her IV kept kinking, which would sound off an alarm every 30-90 seconds. My husband had to sit in the chair with her and pull the brace on her arm back so her arm would stay as straight as possible. This was torture for us all. Piper didn't want to be constrained for five minutes, let alone for the entire night!

The doctor initially wanted Piper to get IV fluids throughout the entire night but, since the alarm would bring Piper to tears, we all knew she would have gotten no rest at all that night. The doctor decided it would be best for Piper to get rest over the second bag of fluids so, after getting one small bag of fluids, they gave her a saline stop.

Day two in the hospital, Piper was just done with it all. She started escaping from the room any chance she could and even crawled through the nurses station once (with my husband right behind her). Everyone knew she was doing better but we had to wait for the doctor to come in to see her before we could go.

Finally, sometime around noon, we were released to go home.

Piper has been keeping most of her fluids and food down since we have been home. Unfortunately, she caught something else while we were in the hospital and has been dealing with some respiratory issues since being home. We are all so ready for our girl to be better; hopefully in time for Easter!

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  1. I am so sorry you all were so sick. Especially, little Piper! It's so hard to see out babies sick. I am very close to my MIL and don't know what i would without her. I am glad you have the same relationship. Praying for you all.