Monday, April 4, 2016

April 2016 Challenge - Week One

The first week of my April Challenge has begun! Oh yeah!

Today was a crazy one. I feel like I hit the ground running as soon as I got out of bed this morning at 5:30 a.m. It's 7 p.m. now (I just put Piper down for the night and I'm starting to write this post) and I'm still going. I will be relaxing after this post; it's a promise to myself.

Most of today's craziness came from needing to get five banners made for my Etsy shop; four of which needed to be out the door today. Trying to craft five banners with a toddler around is tricky business. Literally, I have to trick my toddler into thinking she is helping me make these banners. 

Thankfully, Piper really likes to play with used post-it notes and burlap scraps. Please, don't judge. It's insanity! It is tough work trying to get my work done in between making Piper breakfast, lunch and providing entertain to her but, I met my deadline and got everything that needed to be out today, out. Phew!

After Piper and I went to the post office (might I add, the second post office we went to, since the first one didn't have working card readers), I decided that Piper deserved a treat for being such a good girl while mommy worked. So, I took her to the library. We had a lot of fun! It was a great treat for the both of us, actually! After working almost non-stop, it was really nice to just sit and play with Piper. It helped eliminate any mom-guilt I had from working all morning, too.

I just couldn't believe how much older Piper seems since our last visit to the library. She was running all around, picking out books and toys to play with. Sometimes, I am still shocked to realize that I'm raising a toddler. She's pretty amazing, that little toddler of mine.

Anyway, enough of how my day went and onward to the real purpose of the post. It's the first week of my challenge and I promised to share with you my dinner meal plan for the week. So, here it is:

Meal plan for the week:

Sunday: frozen pizzas

Monday: chicken salad

Tuesday: chef salad

Wednesday: fish w/ broccoli & sweet potatoes

Thursday: taco salads

Friday: stuffed chicken w/ sweet potatoes & broccoli

Saturday: bbq chicken with sweet potatoes

Last night, my husband and I had frozen pizza for dinner and; while that may not sound very appetizing, I can tell you that when frozen pizza is paired with a cheap glass of wine (on the couch with my man) it is mighty delicious!

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