Saturday, April 23, 2016

Perfect Isn't the Plan

Today I am clinging onto to this quote from Ann Voskamp.

"So what if your life's going to be messy. Perfect isn't the plan. Purpose is." 
- Ann Voskamp

This quote is very appropriate for where I am currently in my weight loss journey. I feel like I'm on my knees, trying to get up, only to stumble back down. I feel like I've been down there for a while now. I feel like I've been there for years, because, well, I have been. 

Two years ago today, I was pregnant. One year ago today, I was a new mom. Today, I am a mother to a toddler. New motherhood has turned into just plain motherhood. I have been left wondering when things were going to click back to normal. When will I get my act together? Essentially, I wondered, when will things go according to my perfect plan? Then, I was reminded today that "life's going to be messy. perfect isn't the plan. purpose is."

My purpose for wanting to lose weight and become more healthy is truly for myself and my family. It's a good thing that perfect isn't the plan because I've quickly come to find that no plan goes perfectly when a toddler is involved. 

While it's tempting to just wait to work on myself until my toddler is a child, I feel like I've already "waited" long enough. I want to be healthier now, for my toddler, while she is still a toddler. I want to be as active as I can be with my toddler. I don't want to wait any longer, and I don't want my baby left waiting, either. Today I'm reminded that perfect isn't the plan, but purpose is. What is your purpose?

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