Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Spring Cleaning My Freezer with Good Food Made Simple

In case you were wondering, breakfast bowls are my new favorite way to eat breakfast. I love me a good egg scramble in the morning and these breakfast bowls from "Good Food Made Simple" did not disappoint!

I'm not a huge breakfast fan but these quick and tasty freezer meals may have changed my ways. Good Food Made Simple is just that; good food made simple.

So far, my favorite meal from GFMS has got to be their Bacon and Eggs Scramble Bowl. The bacon in this bowl made my house smell so good and, despite taking less than 5 minutes to heat up, this breakfast tasted just as fresh as if I had spent 30 minutes slaving over my stove. I was so impressed by this scramble. I'm about to make another trip to Target just to stock up on more of these meals!

Now, just because the bacon egg scramble was my favorite doesn't mean that these others weren't just as good. The turkey sausage scramble was made with all egg whites and it still tasted just as good as ever, only with fewer calories! I don't think I would have been able to make such a good tasting breakfast for only 225 calories if I tried.

As for the breakfast burrito that I tried, I have just one word with two meanings for you; filling! Not only was the breakfast burrito filling when I was finished with it but, the filling itself was so flavorful!

Since the weather has been hit or miss lately, I have been using the less-than-great days to Spring clean my house. My freezer is going to get a good Spring cleaning today, to make more room for "Good Food Made Simple". I'm in love!

Readers, have you tried Good Food Made Simple, yet?

Disclosure: I have received products as part of a sponsored collaboration. All opinions here are my own.

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