Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Still Off Track but Not for Long

I'm afraid to ask but I need to know; just how bad are these two-year molars going to be for us? 

Piper hasn't been sleeping well lately and when that happens, I like to blame the night waking on teething. After all, she is a champion teether. She's 16 months old now and the only teeth that aren't through are her two-year molars. The girl got her teeth early and fast. Teething is the worst and I am looking forward to it being over for us all.

Despite not getting much sleep, Piper and I met up with our friend's at the zoo yesterday. Piper was a little cranky since she hadn't gotten much sleep, but I think she still appreciated getting out of the house.

The highlight of Piper's trip to the zoo had to have been her very first "choo choo" ride. She was such a good girl on the train! Even though she didn't know quite what to think at first, after we started going, Piper seemed to enjoy the ride!

My husband took Monday off of work, so this week is really going by fast.

On Monday, we put in our vegetable garden, which is really late compared to when we put it in last year. We have just been so busy, we are still trying to catch up on everything around here. This includes me trying to get back on track with my June goals, too.

The entire month of June seems to be flying by. The important thing is that we are having a lot of fun and doing so much together. This is what summer is all about, and while I am up in weight on the scale, I don't have any regrets. We're having fun, and I know I'll be back on track soon!

It's all just a part of losing weight while living life.

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