Thursday, July 14, 2016

Summer Break Beach Day

Taking a summer break from my Etsy shop is the best decision I could have ever made. If I'm blessed enough to still be working on my own business while staying at home with my girl next year, then I need to remember that a summer break is a must! Being a stay-at-home mom without the extra work from my at-home business has been refreshing.

We're a little over one week in to my summer break and I must say that Piper and I have been taking full advantage of it. I don't have much planned for our weekdays so, we've just been going with the flow and doing whatever we feel like, when we feel like doing it.

Some days we feel like hanging out at home (mostly when I need to do some chores), and other days we feel like going on adventures. Lately, we've been able to master the balance of doing a little bit of both in the same day.

Hanging at home is always great but, one of my favorite summer-break days so far has been the one where we just picked up and went to the beach one morning. There was no plan to go, we just went!

The beach that we went to is local (only about 15 minutes away) and it's fairly private. We went to the beach mid-morning on a Thursday. We were the only ones there for our entire visit. It was complete bliss.

When we first arrived to the beach, I set out all of our stuff on a table under a pavilion. I applied sunscreen to Piper and let her take in her surroundings. She was very entertained by the echo the pavilion provided when she would talk. We spent about 10 minutes just sitting there, talking to each other before I introduced her to what we were really there for; the water.

Piper held my hand as we walked toward the sand. I could see her trying to make sense of where we were, and then suddenly at one moment it just clicked. She let go of my finger and began to run toward the water.

While this was Piper's first visit to this particular beach, she is no stranger to Lake Erie. We learned very early on that there is no keeping her out of the water when we go to the beach, so I always make sure to pack a change of clothes when we go, even if we're just going for a quick visit.

On this particular day, we were in no rush to be anywhere but right where we were. Piper got to play in the water and sand for as long as she wanted.

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The morning at the beach was such a fun and relaxing morning for us both. 

I remember one particular moment that morning, when Piper was playing in the sand; I took a deep breath and just really took in my surroundings. I thought to myself that we are so blessed to live so close to the water. Sitting there, watching the waves come in with the warm sun on my skin, and breathing in the warm, beach air is something that is often saved for that of vacations. 

Every day spent at our local beach truly feels like a vacation to me.

At this beach, there is a playground right by the water. The swings were in the shade and so we both enjoyed a little time swing-time after about an hour of playing in the sun, water and sand together.

When Piper seemed to be content with going back to the pavilion, we had a little snack of blueberries and raspberries. Eating the snack kept Piper occupied enough for me to pack everything up from our fun at the beach that morning.

I wish beach days were here to stay, but summer only lasts so long and so we're going to keep taking full advantage of it while it's here!

Readers, what is your favorite beach to visit? Do you have to travel near or far to get to it?

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