Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The End of Summer is Bitter Sweet

The end of summer is bitter-sweet. I know Fall is coming soon because Nick, Piper and I went to our first football game of the season last weekend. It was a game at the high school where Nick and I started dating; the same school district where Piper will go when she grows up. Bitter-sweetness all around..

I'm sure we will still have plenty of nice summer-like days ahead of us but, we are definitely winding down a bit over here. The late summer nights are coming to an end as the sun is setting a little earlier than it once was. The evenings are getting cooler and the over-night chill is starting to linger on a little more into the mornings, now. Before we know it, Fall will be here and I can't let the summer go quite yet without mentioning this one thing. Piper, Nick and I had one of the best summers of our lives this year; summer treated us so very well.

Being a stay-at-home mom in the summer is the biggest blessing of all. Piper and I were able to take advantage of all of the nice days. We went on countless walks, and visits to the parks. We frequented the beach and all of our favorite local spots. This was definitely a summer to remember! Having a one and a half year old in the summertime is quite the adventure. Seeing life through her eyes has awakened my soul. I had the time of my life this summer with Piper, and I'd like to think Piper feels the same way.

If you haven't heard it before, let me be the first to tell you that being a stay-at-home mom has it's way of making you feel disconnected from the world. While that can be hard at times, I have come to realize that feeling of being disconnected is a blessing in itself. In experiencing this "disconnect" with society, I have been so much more connected to nature this summer; especially while seeing the world more through my daughters eyes. How amazing the clouds are in the sky above, and the grass beneath our toes. How beautiful and calming it is to lay under a tree and watch the leaves blow in the wind. How beautiful and peaceful it is to watch the sunset with the ones you love by your side. Being "disconnected" has allowed me to see more of all of the beauty there is around us.

If you're a regular reader, then you know that I took a long blog break in August. This break made me realized that my blog is one of the few ways I do manage to stay connected with society. While I missed sharing my world with you during my break, I think it was a good decision. I come back to you now feeling refreshed from my time away and I hope to be sharing some more new content with you soon.

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  1. I also love being at home all summer with the kids- one more quick vacation before school starts- mid week at a popular campground. SAHM perks! I'm looking forward to the routine on school though!