Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Official Last Day of Summer - 2016

Even though today is the official last day of summer, we still have plenty of summer-like weather on the way. Still, we made sure to spend a lot of time outside today, to commemorate the occasion.

With today being the last day of summer, I want to take some time to think back on all of the fun we have had this summer. This year, I made a Summer Bucket List for myself, and I am happy to say that I marked off everything from the list!

*We went to the beach and used our shade tent a couple times. 

*Piper and I went to the zoo, just the two of us, and also with friends. 

*Nick and I drank wine on our patio, around a fire pit, after Piper had gone to sleep. My husband and I layed together underneath a clear night sky, counting shooting stars. 

*Piper and I went on countless, almost daily walks together. We went on many walks as a family and bicycle rides. I went on some solo walks, with my dogs, too. 

The walks were so peaceful in the mornings.

Most of all, we all enjoyed the wonderful weather that summer brings.

This summer was so special to me. I feel beyond blessed to be a stay at home mom and I'm especially reminded of how blessed I am during our summer days. Piper is 20 months old now and I think she was the perfect age this summer to really explore and take advantage of all this season and nature had to offer. We went on almost daily walks together, which was a special time for the both of us.

Early this year, basically right as the weather was getting nicer, Piper dropped her morning nap and went down to one nap a day. While it's always a little hard when your child drops a nap, I think the bright side was that it couldn't have happened at a better time, with the weather getting nicer out. Instead of me being stuck at the house while she napped, we were able to go out and explore together.

Most mornings, we would go for a walk together. There are a couple things I never want to forget from our walks this summer. When we would pass a line of bushes, Piper would put her hand out, trying to feel the leaves as we pass by. We would also always have to stop on this one bridge to say "Hi fishes" and "Bye fishes" as Piper would look down at the water. 

Almost every month, I made sure to take a picture by the cornfield that we would often pass during our morning walks. I wanted to document how much the corn and my baby girl would grow throughout the summer. They both got so big!


Some of the best memories I have from this summer are also just from when we would hang out in our own backyard.

This summer was so sweet to us.

While I will miss summer dearly, I am so excited to see what Fall has in store. I am starting my Fall bucket list, now!

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