Monday, October 17, 2016

Little By Little

"She was unstoppable; not because she did not have failures or doubts but, because she continued on despite them." -Beau Taplin


This is where I'm at currently. I am on a 4-day streak of staying within my calories and I haven't weighed myself since Friday. I made some goals for myself (here) and I've actually stuck to them for four whole days. I know four days may not sound like a long time to most, but to this toddler-mom who has been having trouble focusing on herself and her own needs, it's a big deal.

Something clicked and sparked for me on Friday, and it was a spark that ignited a fire. As the end of last week grew near, I was feeling more and more defeated. I could see yet another week coming and going without me making any progress on my weight-loss goals. I wasn't only feeling defeated, I was feeling hopeless.

I realize now that feeling of hopelessness was exactly what I needed. In reality, I'm not hopeless, none of us are if we truly don't want to be. Despite the negative thoughts that I was allowing creep into my head, I knew deep down that I could do this. I just needed to start right then. Not next month, not on Monday, but right at that moment when I was feeling out of control. I needed to start on that Friday. So, I did it. I took the time to really focus on what I was eating that day, and I ended the night within my calories and feeling in control. On a FRIDAY!


It's been four days now and the fire that was lit by a little spark on Friday is still burning. It hasn't been burning all on it's own, though. I have been feeding the fire with positive thoughts and inspiration. I started reading "The Spark" again at night, and it's kept me out of the kitchen and therefore within my calorie range. I've also been reading motivation quotes every day, a few of which I've shared in this post.

Basically, what I'm coming to realize is that in my current stage of life (mom to a busy toddler), if I want to lose weight, I need to keep my well full of inspiration and take some time to focus on my goals each morning and every night. Focusing on myself and my goals doesn't come as easily as it once did, so I need to put in more of an effort if I want to see the results I did before.

I can do this.


  1. You can do this! I have got to follow your lead and get my last 30 pounds off. I have got to keep my eating under control. I am not going to weigh everyday either and hoping I can get a few pounds off before the end of October!

    1. Thanks! You can do this, too! Hiding the scale has been really helpful these past few days! :)