Tuesday, November 15, 2016

On Leaving Facebook

I've gotten myself into a stressful morning routine, which is ironic because this routine was disguised as one that would be stress-relieving but, it was actually turning out to be stress-provoking, instead.

Somehow along the way, my morning routine began starting with me checking the monitor to see if Piper was awake, followed by scrolling social media on my iPhone. This routine has been put in place after a few months of doing so. As of late though, I'm beginning to realize that scrolling Facebook (particularly first thing in the morning) is more stress-provoking than ever before.

I don't know about you, but prior to and now after the election, my Facebook feed has been more negative than ever before. It's sad to see my friends and family be so negative with one another. 

Now, while I have thought about leaving Facebook all-together, I just couldn't bring myself to do that. I'm a firm believer that the good will always outweigh the bad, and that good always wins. I couldn't bring myself to miss out on the happy and positive aspects of social media.

Living in an era when you can connect with people near and far is really a blessing, even with all this extra negativity floating around out there. Since I'm connected to Facebook, I am able see family pictures of long-distance friends; pictures that use to be reserved for only those who were able to see them on your wall at home. I think it's easy to take for granted the access we're provided though social media, and it can also be easy to let negativity and hate win. 

I choose to let love win.

While I can't control what people on Facebook are posting, I can control how often I check in and when I check in. I don't want to give up Facebook for good, but I am giving up on checking it first thing in the morning. Too often, after checking in on Facebook my mood is made for me before I even get out of bed. I'm making a change and I'm starting a new morning routine that will allow me to set the mood for my day. I'll share more on my new morning routine, tomorrow.


For now, I leave you with the challenge to spread some positivity. If you're on Facebook, share a positive quote or something that could uplift others today. 

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