Monday, November 21, 2016

Our 13th Date-iversary

This past weekend was... amazing. 

My husband and I went out of town, just the two of us, to celebrate 13 years of sharing our life together. We stayed within a couple hours from home, in a little place called Legacy Village.

Nick and I have been visiting Legacy Village since we could drive, which was shortly after we started dating. As fate would have it, the view outside our hotel window showed the year the village was built; the same year that we started dating in 2003.

Legacy Village is such a special place. It has a little bit of everything. There are some traditional retail stores, along with the cutest little boutiques you'll ever step foot in. There are plenty of different restaurants to choose from, all within walking distance from the hotel that we stayed overnight.

We checked in to our hotel as the first snow of the season began to fall. There is just something so magical about the first snow fall of the season. It made for a truly beautiful night.

Nick and I bundled up and held on tight to each other as we walked around the village, in the snow. We visited some of our favorite shops before settling in at the Cheesecake Factory for dinner. 

The Cheesecake Factory was one of the main reasons for choosing Legacy Village as our weekend-getaway destination. The food at the Cheesecake Factory is some of our favorite and the atmosphere in the dining hall is very dimly lit and romantic. Plus, there's cheesecake, so there's that.

We spent a lot of our time at dinner, and over the course of our getaway, talking about how happy we are with what we've done with our life. Even though Piper wasn't there with us, we gushed about how blessed we are to have her along for the ride. 

Nick and I couldn't be more thankful for these past 13 years together, and we are looking forward to the future, and all the fun we have planned, to come.

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