Friday, November 4, 2016

When It's Time to Stop Calling It Baby Weight

This Fall, I started to think about how my daughter is going to turn TWO in January and I realized that it's probably time to stop calling my extra weight baby weight. After all, the excess weight I'm carrying around isn't even from my pregnancy, anymore.

A year ago, I wrote a blog post about my post-pregnancy weight gain, titled "Nine Months Postpartum - Brutal Honesty". In that post, I broke down my weight loss and weight gain, in timeline form. 

Here's a more updated timeline, now that a year has passed.

- pre-pregnancy: 233 lbs (April 1, 2014)
- nine months pregnant: 271 lbs (January 21, 2015)
- ten days postpartum: 233 lbs (January 31, 2015)
- nine months postpartum: 248 lbs (November 1, 2015)
- twenty-one months postpartum: 243 lbs (November 1, 2016)

This time last year, I was 15 pounds above my pre-pregnancy weight. Right now, I am only 10 pounds above my pre-pregnancy weight. Even though an entire year has passed, and there is only a 5 pound difference on the scale, I have to say that there is an even bigger difference in my heart.

Last year, I shared that I was motivated to make a change, and I did make some changes at that time. However, I feel like I was working on losing weight with motivation alone. Motivation is great, but it fades after a while. That's where discipline comes in, and that's what I'm working more on, now.

Being disciplined doesn't happen over night. Discipline happens little by little. As I look back on some of the posts I wrote last month, I can see myself using my motivation to cultivate discipline. Being disciplined lasts longer than being motivated. Motivation is more like a roller-coaster ride, and discipline helps you stay more consistent in your weight-loss journey. Here are the posts that I'm talking about:

(2) Practicing Discipline Without A Scale
(3) Little by Little, Staying Consistent
(4) Positive Changes to Keep My "House" in Order
(5) Planning Ahead for a Happy Life with a Healthy Lifestyle
(6) Evaluate Your Success and Continue On, The 7 Day Streak

If you've read all of those posts, thanks for still sticking around. Sometimes looking back helps me to move forward. 

Something else that helps me to move forward in my goal of losing weight is to remind myself exactly why I want to lose weight so badly. Aside from my ultimate goal, which is to have good health and wellness, so I can stick around longer for my family; I also have some other daily reminders of why I need to lose this excess weight.

Daily Reminders -- Why I MUST Lose This Weight:
- My feet hurt if I'm not wearing arch-supportive shoes, I can't even attempt to go a full day in heels like I once did when I worked outside of the home.
- Trying to go down the stairs, especially in the middle of the night or early morning, is a painful experience. I have to hold on to the rail for dear life sometimes, because of the pressure on my joints.
- My back is constantly going out because of the excess weight I'm carrying in my gut.
- My knees have taken a beating, the excess weight may have caused irreversible damage, but that's not going to keep me from trying to reverse it by losing the weight.

I need to lose weight like my future mobility depends on it, because in reality, it really does. I see people twice my age moving around easier than I am now at 28 years old. Now is the time to lose the weight, I can't wait any longer. This excess weight is aging my body prematurely, and it's up to me to fix it. No excuses, just solutions, from here on out.

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