Monday, December 5, 2016

4 Steps to Get Back on Track

Two and a half weeks. Only two and a half weeks until Christmas.

As I mentioned right before Thanksgiving, I planned on floating through the holidays. What I meant by that was that I wanted to float through all the Thanksgiving dinners (there were many throughout the weekend) and eventually, float through all meals on Christmas eve and Christmas day. 

When I say "float", I really just mean I didn't want to spend my time tracking everything I ate during the holidays, and so I decided to just "float" through them. While I originally meant to just float through the holiday meals, something else happened instead. Not only did I float through Thanksgiving, but I floated my way through the past week and a half, too. 

Now, I have two choices to pick from; I could keep on floating all the way through Christmas or, I could get back on track and take advantage of the two and a half weeks I have left before Christmas (and all the goodies) arrive.

I'm going with the second choice.

I don't know about you, but I have a tendency to use holidays and other upcoming events as an excuse to just stop working on my goals all together (i.e. these past couple weeks). It's not something I'm proud of by any means. It was like as soon as I realized Thanksgiving was coming, I began to use that as an excuse to overeat (hello, all-or-nothing mentality, I did not want to see you again). 

Whether I did it consciously or subconsciously at the time doesn't matter as much as what I'm consciously doing now. The all-or-nothing mentality is a slippery slope and I'm going to acknowledge every time I come close to sliding down it, that way I don't hit bottom.

Acknowledgement is my first step in getting back on track. When I get out of control, I just need to acknowledge it, instead of ignore it. Then I need to make a plan for success. Before I can make a plan, I need to make a goal.

Here's me getting technical with it:

Step 1: Acknowledgement (check)
Step 2: Make a New Goal (below)
Step 3: Make a Plan (below)
Step 4: Crush it (coming soon...)

New Goal:
Current weight/date: 247.7 lbs / 12.5.16
Goal weight/date A: 240 lbs / 12.23.16
Goal weight/date B: 243 lbs / 12.23.16

I created two different goals. Goal A is my ideal goal. Goal B is the goal that I'll settle on. I like to give myself two goals, that way even if I don't reach the one, I still have a chance to succeed. Goal A is ambitious and Goal B is the weight I was at before the Thanksgiving (all-out-two-week) feast.

Now, I need to make a plan to reach my goal. Here's what I'm going to do:

- Weekly Meal Planning
- Drink 96 oz. water each day
- Stay within calories 5 - 7 days a week

After all of that, I feel like I'm getting back on track and that I'm better prepared to reach my goal.

Readers, what helps make you feel better prepared to reach your goals?


  1. Holidays are killer! It is best to have a plan and yours sound perfect! You can do this! Focus and stay strong! 😃