Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Christmas-Eve Eve 2016

I'm still in Christmas mode. I decided to keep the tree, and all of our decorations, up until the new year {at the least}.

Piper has gotten into this routine of asking for the lights on the tree and around our fireplace to be turned on every morning. The lights are so pretty, and the early mornings are still so dark. I may be keeping the lights up well beyond the new year.

Since I'm still in Christmas mode, I figured I'd share a couple Christmas recaps with you this week. The first is from Christmas-Eve Eve!

The day before Christmas Eve landed on a Friday night. My husband had the great idea to go driving around, looking at Christmas lights. Piper is really into Christmas lights right now; every time we pass a house with lights on she yells, "yights! yights!" and, it's the cutest thing!

A little while before bedtime on Friday, I made some hot cocoa for the road and a couple containers of popcorn; one little container of popcorn for the backseat and a large one for the front. Piper loves eating "poppy", as she calls it.

It was so nice and cozy to drive around, drinking our hot cocoa and eating our popcorn while looking at lights. We found a really good neighborhood that was well lit; they even had a contest for best yard, and other categories, too!

This little tradition was such a good idea from my husband. It's something that he use to do as a kid, and I remember my mom also driving me around to look at lights, too.

I hope we'll continue to go driving around, looking at Christmas lights on every Christmas-Eve Eve from here on out.

This new tradition made us some sweet memories during our second Christmas as a family of three.

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