Thursday, January 5, 2017

HealthyWage Challenge Begins

My HealthyWage Jackpot Challenge begins tomorrow: Friday, January 6th! I couldn't be more excited to start this challenge! I am looking forward to having a bunch of new reasons why I need to lose this weight.

With this challenge, I have a financial motivator {if I don't reach my goal, I lose my $60 bet}, a financial incentive {if I reach my goal, I get my $60 back + split the jackpot with the rest of the winners}, it has given me a clear goal to work toward {to lose 6% of my body weight}, it has given me a deadline to reach the goal {12 weeks}, and; I am working toward reaching this goal as a team {i.e. accountability -- I don't want to let my team down}!

This challenge has already given me a lot of the motivation I was lacking to lose weight this past year, and it hasn't even started yet! The challenge starts tomorrow!

If you are interested in joining this challenge, there is still time! You can sign up as late as two weeks into the challenge, but; if I were you, I would get registered right away. No matter when you sign up, the goal remains the same; to lose 6% of your body weight by the end of March! So, the sooner you sign up and weigh in, the more time you'll have to reach that goal!

My husband and I weigh in tomorrow! I am going to spend some time this weekend preparing for the first full week of the challenge; making up a meal plan, grocery list and doing some meal prepping. The next post you'll see from me is going to be on Monday! Until then, have a great weekend and be sure to check out the posts I've already shared about this HealthyWage Challenge by following any of the links below:

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As always, if you have any questions, leave a comment on this post or send me an email and I'll get back to you as soon as possible! If you're ready to sign-up now {or if you just want to see how big the pot has grown}, here is the link to register: Goal of Losing's Healthywage Jackpot Challenge.

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