Friday, January 13, 2017

No More Cheat Days, No More Guilt

No more cheat days. Now, that's a bold statement. Of course, not every day during this weight-loss journey will go according to plan. I am sure I will have quite a few "cheat days" during my current challenge , I just don't believe in planning them ahead of time or calling them "cheat days", at all.

By calling my off-days "cheat days", it makes it sound like I'm doing something wrong. Even worse, it makes it sound like I'm on a diet. That's not what I'm all about. It's all about the lifestyle change for me and life can be unexpected at times. So, when I do have a day where I unexpectedly go over calories or when things don't go according to plan, I acknowledge it and move on.

Wednesday, for example, was an unexpected off-day or "cheat day", if you must. I didn't keep track of everything I ate and I am sure that I went over my calories. This was my first time going "off-track" during my new challenge and while I almost wanted to feel guilty about it; I didn't let myself get to that point. I just let myself enjoy what I was eating and promised that I would do better the next day. The end.

My new promise to myself is to never let guilt win. Guilt is the gateway drug to binge-eating, I do believe. Once you start telling yourself that you should feel guilty for having an off-day, that's when you open the door for the phrase "might as well give up on this day {week, month or year} now." No. No sir. I actually don't feel that way at all, and here's why I think this time is different.

The all-or-nothing mentality is gone. I fight with that mentality from time-to-time but, I need to remind myself that I'm working on a lifestyle change, and anything with the word "life" in it, must be flexible.

This is where the word "resilience" comes to mind. It's one of my 7 Focus Words of 2017, and for good reason! When things go wrong in life, successful people don't give up on life, they adapt. They are resilient. In effort to balance things out from my over-indulgences on Wednesday, I went for a walk with Piper on Thursday and kept a more close eye on what I ate throughout the day.

Yesterday's walk was the first walk of the new year and it was just the thing I needed to do to feel back on track! When I woke up in the morning, I could smell a change in the air. Even though it is still the middle of January, we have been experiencing a little winter-warm up and yesterday morning smelled just like Spring! I checked the temperature and it was 50 degrees outside. So, after breakfast, I bundled Piper up and took her for a walk down at the park.

Even though it was sprinkling rain, the walk felt great! My lungs were happy to be breathing in the fresh air, and my legs were itchy {in a good way} from the extra blood flow rushing through my veins. It was a great way to practice my resilience, too; to continue on toward my goal of living a healthier life despite my going off track the day before.

This week has been such a motivating and inspiring week for me. I am so happy to be working on a new weight-loss challenge. I am actually going to participate in my second weigh-in {the first being my base weigh-in} of the challenge, this weekend. I will share the results with you on Monday. 

Have a great weekend!


  1. Such a great post that really spoke to me as a binge eater myself :)

    Thank you!

    1. I'm glad you appreciated it! Thanks for stopping by! :)